Monday, November 05, 2007


Update: Photos removed for safety reasons.

A little late, but here are the Halloween pics. We had a lady bug, a kangaroo, and an elephant. These pictures were taken at my parents' house. Shortly after, trick-or-treaters came to the door dressed at various things dripping with blood or generally looking dead. This caused my three children to let out blood curdling screams and run into each other as they all bolted for safety. Then they calmed down. Then another dead looking child would come to the door which would start the screaming and crying all over again. After three times of this happening, we made a break for the car, shielding their eyes from oncoming ghouls.

They talked fretfully about the "monsters" non-stop all the way home. I assured them all that the monsters were just little boys in costumes. I even lied to them and said all the costumes were in the trash and the little boys were getting spanked that very second. For good measure, I also told them that if I ever saw those little boys again, they'd get a spanking from me, too. This seemed to make them feel better.

The kangaroo woke up startled throughout the night screaming. I know this because I finally let him sleep with us. When I say "us" I mean "me." Ironman slept on the couch, and I had a few hours sleep total. Woo. Halloween was fun.

I was fairly surprised to go shopping the next day and already see all the stores decorated for Christmas. Does it get earlier every year? And Delilah is already playing non-stop Christmas music. I just want to relax in the tub and hear Journey! I don't want to hear boy bands sing their version of "Let it Snow!" Waaa!

Every year I'm so excited about Christmas. By the time it's over, and I've been celebrating it for two months, I'm totally burned out and hope it's a very long year before I have to do it all again. I need blinders and ear plugs for shopping so that I don't have Christmas overload by Thanksgiving. Gah!


  • I don't allow myself to begin the Xmas festivities until one week after TG. Otherwise there can be problems.

    By Blogger Kurt, at Mon Nov 05, 03:46:00 PM  

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