Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Wuts Up & Lindley's Angel

Yo peeps!

I'm not officially here. I'm supposed to be doing a million other things right now, but today I'm making time to tell you I don't really have a sweating problem. Yes. I stopped everything to tell you that. I was joking in a previous post, but I kept getting serious replies about what I could do to help the situation. It was Merle's idea that I had a sweating issue, and I jumped on board with it as a "ha ha" kind of thing. Now my pride is getting in the way, and I can no longer stand the thought that people here and abroad think I have sweat squirting out of my pits like water sprinklers.

What else has been going on? Ummm...my house is turned upside down while I clean out every nook and cranny to de-clutter and have a garage sale this Saturday. I'm in the tenth week of my pregnancy, and fatigue is getting in the big, fat way of making progress.

It snowed on Thanksgiving and again on Saturday! Woo hoo! That practically never happens here.

What else? There have been a meelion things I wanted to tell you guys, but I haven't had time to stop and write.

Here's an interesting story (in my opinion). As you've probably read, my 3 year old had open heart surgery on October 2. About 5 or 6 weeks after the surgery, she pointed to an angel we saw somewhere. Making small talk, I asked her if she had ever seen an angel in real life-- expecting her to say no or that she had seen one at church or on t.v.

She said she had seen one at the Mickey Mouse House. I thought she was talking about the television show, but she corrected me and said she saw one where she played with Mamaw and Pappaw before the doctors fixed her boo boo. She was describing the Ronald McDonald House. She probably called it the Mickey Mouse House because in the center of the play room are two enormous stuffed Mickey and Minnie Mouse toys. My parents have a picture framed of the kids with those stuffed animals. I just thought it was interesting of all the places she's ever been, and considering how briefly she played there before being admitted to the hospital, that she would single out a place where probably many angels were gathered over sick children. It's Biblical that children have angels watching over them, and I was emailed a prayer for Lindley that she would be aware of all the angels in her presence while the doctors were operating on her. Maybe she was. A week or two later, my mom asked Lindley to tell her the story of where she had seen an angel, and she repeated the same thing even though we had never spoken of it again.

I think I may decorate with angels this Christmas. :D I hope your holidays were great! Now let's get ready for Christmas...


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