Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pictures of my kiddos

Update: Photos removed for safety reasons.

Some of you have said you wanted to see pictures of the little ones, so here are some pictures from Christmas. These pictures were taken 6-8 weeks after Lindley's open heart surgery, so you can see she was/is doing great! She's the one with the brunette curls.

I've also been asked to post a picture of myself pregnant, but I've been very good at avoiding the camera. Imagine me 20 pounds heavier and bloated. I hold water like a camel, and I'm drinking anywhere from 130 to 200 or more ounces of water per day. I'm my own floatation device.

Here's a picture from months back before the hunger got out of control. My niece made it look all artsy with the coloring. I think if you scroll down, you can still see the original in a November post. I can't imagine what would possess me to post a picture of how I currently look.

If you start hearing more from me again, it's because this fourth child made everything happen early. It's starting to hurt too much to stand and obsessively work on the house for long periods of time, so I can see me propping my feet up and boring you guys again on a regular basis. I still really want to post pictures of Ironman's Christmas present, so maybe that post will be next. Ciao, peeps in blog land.


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