Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ask And It Shall Be Given...

My camera wasn't cooperating yesterday for most of these pictures, but at least I have some new ones!

This is Paul Bunyan.

This is Ironman. They aren't the same man.

Ironman grows a beard for good luck when we're going through a life changing event. Being that he's of the Middle Eastern breed, he looks like a terrorist in most of our important photos. Or a trucker. A trucker or a terrorist. No offense to the truckers.

I try to convince him he's more of a hottie when he's clean shaven, but he's of the opinion that the power is in the facial hair. Whatever.

The nurse was supposed to bring him a hat to wear in the operating room. When she didn't follow through, he decided the face mask would make a good hat. And in case you're wondering, our hospital didn't carry shoe covers to adequately cover a size 14 boot. Oh, you weren't wondering?

Here's what Faith looks like when she pulls her entire body inside her gown. I guess there really is no point to having sleeves when your hands can't stick out of the ends.

Here's what Faith looks like when she's thinking about something funny she heard earlier in the day.

This is Faith loving the feel of chenille on bare skin.

Awwww, Bub. That kid LOVES his baby sister. He has kissies for her all the time! I've been shocked how well the 3 older kids have taken to what I feared would be seen as "the invader." So far she's their baby.

I don't really know why this picture was included. Ched asked for pictures. What Ched wants, Ched gets--except for the pictures of us (parents) as babies. I haven't had a chance to get those pictures down yet.

Baby ear.

And wispy baby hair for kissies. Karly asked me for a picture of baby toes, so I thought I'd get a baby ear pic while I was at it.

1970's bedspread baby ninja.

This gown came from Ironman's side of the family. Just wanted to clarify...

It originally belonged to the twins. I have no idea why I continue to put it on my children other than it makes me giggle because I'm mean like that. I had professional photos taken of the twins wearing these gowns along with the gigantic hot pink hair bows that came with them. At least Faith was spared the bow...until her head gets big enough to wear it and her neck strong enough to support it...


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